Are you searching for a bold, fresh look for your home? Then, black trim could be the right fit. Black trim creates a dynamic contrast, strengthening the appearance of any room in your home. Here’s how you can adopt this emerging trend.

Implementing Black Trim

It used to be white paint was the go-to color for trim. After all, white blends well with everything, allowing you to create excellent pairings with the wall color. Now, though, the trend shifts to creating fresh contrasts with darker colors. One way to accomplish this is by applying black paint to your window trims or door frames.

Does My Baseboard Need to Match My Window Trims?

You can apply black paint to the baseboard to create uniformity with your windows. However, it is not a firm design rule either. You can pair the black paint with another complementing color to make design touches that tie the room together or provide eye-catching contrasts. You can work with painting professionals to compare different colors to find the best match based on your design tastes, furniture, and other factors.

Where Does Black Trim Work Best?

Black trim looks best on walls with lighter coloring. Pairing these together creates unique differences that draw attention to both. Think warmer tones with your wall color choices if you decide to apply black to your window trim or crown moldings. Of course, if you work with a painting pro, they can help you find unique color pairings that will pop.

Considerations When Hiring a Painting Professional

Should you go the route to hire a painting professional, consider these traits when choosing one:

  • Project experience: How much experience do they have painting homes? With black trim?
  • Reputation: Examine a provider’s reputation by checking their Better Business Bureau grade. The BBB assigns grades based on how well they resolve customer disputes, among other factors.
  • Customers’ experiences: When reading customer testimonials, pay closer attention to the middle-of-the-road ones (for Google, these would be three-star reviews). Look for commonalities in complaints or praises in the reviews.
  • Collaboration: How much does the company factor in your design needs before starting? Do they offer in-home consultations? A reputable provider works with you to devise color solutions based on your design tastes, lighting in the room, furniture, and other considerations.

The Service and Quality You Deserve

If you’re considering black trim, the Nashville Painting Professionals can help. We use the highest quality materials, craftsmanship, and superior customer service. Our team works with you to devise color solutions that match your design tastes. 

Ultimately, your home deserves the best. Contact us today to see how we can freshen the look of your home while enhancing its quality.