Our Process

We go above and beyond at Charlotte Painting Professionals to give you a flawless experience. The first step in our journey together is a consultation.

We will listen to your ideas, address your concerns, and determine the extent of your painting requirements during this session. Following our discussion, we’ll provide you with a detailed estimate, transparently outlining the scope of work and pricing. You can expect to receive your detailed estimate on the very same day!

Elevated Color Selection and Scheduling:

Once our estimate is approved, we transition to the exciting phase of color selection. During the color selection process, we can offer great insights, suggestions, and samples to ensure your home’s palette aligns with your style and preferences.

Charlotte Painting Professionals can provide you with a dedicated color consultant in select areas to help you choose colors. Once your color has been selected, our Office Manager collaborates closely with you to determine the most convenient dates for your home or business transformation.

Prep, Painting, and Cleanup:

Preparation is the cornerstone of impeccable results, and at Charlotte Painting Professionals, this is very important to us. Our highly skilled crews are meticulous during the preparation phase, which involves thorough surface cleaning, patching of any irregularities, and the careful masking of fixtures and flooring. Our team will return all furniture to its original arrangement and dispose of all tape, tarps, and coverings after the project is finished.

Conclusive Quality Assurance Walkthrough:

To culminate your experience with us, your designated Project Manager joins you for a conclusive quality assurance walkthrough. This meticulous inspection ensures that our unwavering commitment to excellence is met, and, more importantly, that your expectations are not just met but exceeded!