Looking for Fresh Kitchen Paint Colors?

Kitchens are usually the first target for ambitious (and pricey) home renovations. If you’re hoping to change up your space without breaking the bank, painting is an excellent alternative. The team at Nashville Painting Professionals is here to help you update your kitchen, whether by repainting cabinets or punching up your space with bright wall colors. Today, we’ll answer one of our clients’ most frequently asked questions: what is the most popular color for a kitchen? Read on for more information about the best kitchen paint colors.

Small Kitchen Makeovers

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect kitchen paint color, you’re not alone. According to research conducted by Houzz, kitchens are the nation’s top priority for interior renovations. Of more than 70,000 people surveyed, over one third made the choice to renovate this room of the house. On average, Houzz found that DIY renovations ranged in expense from over $13,000 to $25,000, and contractor work could double this amount.

With this cost in mind, you may want to look for affordable, smaller kitchen makeovers for your home. One of the best ways to completely change your kitchen’s aesthetic is through a fresh coat of paint – especially in a vibrant, on-trend color.

The Best Kitchen Paint Colors

In 2021, kitchen color trends have become more inspiring than ever before. Muted shades, warm neutrals, and sleek monochromatic combinations have taken over from the bright yellows and pastels of years past. Here are the best kitchen paint colors, according to readers like you.

Cozy Neutrals

Warm neutral shades, like terracotta, pair beautifully with wood and leather accents. Options within this neutral palette include airy white paint, warm grays, clay-colored backsplashes, and natural, open shelving.

Cheerful Blues

Blue kitchens have risen in popularity once again. Muted cornflower blues and vibrant teals are both trending in 2021. When considering a statement color like the blues mentioned here, we encourage homeowners to keep the other elements of the space simple and refined. This keeps your kitchen feeling elevated and refreshing.

Black and White

Pure minimalism is in! We’ve gotten more homeowners than ever before asking for varying shades of ivory, cream, deep gray, and solid black. Combine these classic colors for a timeless look.

Moss Green

This year, complex shades are taking the place of pastels and primary colors. Mossy green is everywhere in home design this year – especially in the kitchen. To follow this trend in a sophisticated way, avoid bright shades and look for more muted tones with a touch of gray.

Sunny Yellow

If you’d like a bold and happy space, look no further than the rising trend of (elevated) yellow kitchens. These spaces are a step above those of years past. Instead of choosing a light hue, select a chic mustard yellow or gold shade – not too bright.

What’s the Most Popular Color for a Kitchen?

If you’re looking to avoid trends and select your color based on popular wisdom, there are several options available. Most kitchens are painted in ivory or white – since this space is a busy area that tends to get dirty, bright walls help to lighten things up (and show what needs to be wiped down). This also leaves the homeowner with plenty of opportunity to add their own pops of color to the room. Brightly colored appliances, kitchen tools, and décor will definitely go with a neutrally painted space.

Other popular kitchen colors include:

  • Pastel yellow
  • Light gray
  • Primary blue
  • Deep red

Expert Painting Services in Nashville, Tennessee

No matter which shade you go with, it’s important to know how to incorporate it into your kitchen’s overall aesthetic. The experts at Nashville Painting Professionals can help you to pick the best kitchen paint colors and finishes. We’ll also provide guidance in design, placement, and application.

For more information about our painting and consulting services, contact Nashville Painting Professionals today.